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Chagrin Falls Athletics

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Chagrin Falls Athletics

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4 years ago @ 11:26AM

Paperwork for MS Sports

Dear MS Parents,

I picked up paperwork at school this morning just before noon. I will return to school early Monday morning to finalize paperwork that arrived Friday afternoon.  Please bring any future paperwork directly to your child's coach.  Please:

  1. Make a copy of your papers.
  2. Staple your 6-page Physical Form together in order.  Make sure the examination date is listed on the front page and your child has been give full clearance.  If you have restricted clearance, please draw that to the attention of the coach.
  3. DO NOT staple the confirmation page to the physical.

Please send water with your child to practice.  Hydration is essential for safety and performance.  Please let the coach know of any injuries.  The safety of your child is our BIGGEST priority.

If you child has questions:

  1. Have your child talk to his/her coach.
  2. Follow up if necessary as a parent to clarify your child's communication or further the discussion
  3. Unless there is an emergency, parental correspondence should be made directly to the coach.
  4. The Athletic Director will handle emergency situations.

Student Responsibility:

  1. We are first and foremost about the promotion of academic learning.  We expect our athletes to be good school citizens and students.
  2. You child is old enough, in most cases, to prepare himself/herself for practice.
  3. It is an appropriate life lesson for you child to handle his/her own lack of responsibility.
  4. Accepting the consequences of missing practice is an indelible lesson in responsibility.
  5. The secretaries in the office have many responsibilities.  Taking care of the children's athletic equipment is not one of them.

Athletics in the scholastic setting is for the purpose of creating school citizenship, promoting school spirit, strengthening the student body and promoting amateurism.  We are about developing young men and women into good sports, good teammates, and good citizens.  We are not ALL about WINNING.  Winning is a by-product of TEAM.  We foster success on the scoreboard by promoting excellence in habit.

Best wishes for your season ahead and GO TIGERS!

Todd Thombs


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